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Groups :

Interested in arranging, planning a surfing experience in Seignosse for a school group or association, a group of friends, a numerous family, a birthday, a special event, a bachelor Party or a bridal shower ?

We invite you to develop together the project that best suits your expectations and to share with you a unique, unforgettable experience.

Surfing gives us the chance to sensitize future surfers and build awareness for the environment, the beaches and have a better understanding of the ocean’s functioning.

The group tariff starts at €25 per person.

Contact us and we’ll give you a more precise estimate.

Workers committees :

You are part of a work group or member of team of colleagues and wish to have a common dynamic experience, or simply to distract your group and get your mind off things or have a break with your co-workers ?

We put at your disposal our team of surf instructors, members of the official national surfing association and certified lifeguards, in groups of 8, over several sessions or weeks.

We also feel it is important to go beyond the pleasure of surfing by bringing awareness to our surfer students of how to protect and respect the environment and its fragile eco-system and to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the surrounding features (wave formation, how to evaluate a surf spot, spot sand banks and rip currents…).

Our main objective is always to provide quality time and lessons.

Come and test us and we’ll prepare for you a cocktail of well-being, easy going and relaxed atmosphere, all while challenging oneself.

Want a break ? Come and surf !

Contact us and we’ll give you a more precise estimate.

The lessons and courses are given in and around Seignosse, Hossegor and Capbreton.