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The 5-day week course : our Best-of !

Our 5-day course is the most commonly chosen formula by our surfer students. Overall, it’s our most interesting formula. It’s ideal either to start off to acquire solid foundations or for a good, smooth progression if wanting to improve your technique. We also offer other course formulas to best suit your expectations and goals.

All our courses are suitable for all generations, regardless of their age (from 6 years on) and skill set: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

The advanced technical courses are generally held during the week (M-F). We schedule our classes according to weather conditions and tides to guarantee quality lessons. Since on you’re on holiday we will, however, try our best to fit our schedule to yours if you have any specific requests.

Our goals :

To share and give you a solid technical foundation. To allow you to learn, improve and become independent in a controlled, friendly, safe and relaxed environment.

Menu :

5-day course in groups of maximum 8 people.

All the necessary gear, board and wetsuit (steamers or spring suits) are included in the price.

Master the basics (stand up, paddling, balance, speed, trajectories and technical manoevers…up to tube riding !).

– Increase the knowledge and understanding of the surrounding element (choice of waves, sand banks, the trough, rip currents, dangers, weather conditions).

Coaching is done by experienced surf instructors, holders of a « Brevet d’Etat en surf » and a « Brevet de Maître Nageur Sauveteur Secouriste ».

After the lesson, students have the option to keep on practicing with the same gear used in the class at more convenient rates.

Formulas Duration of lesson Nomber of lessons Price per person
Cours découverte 1H30 * 1 lesson 37,00 €
Stage compact 3 X 1H30 * 3 lessons 105,00 €
Stage évolutif 5 X 1H30 * 5 lessons 155,00 €
Stage motivé 10 X 1H30 * 10 lessons 285,00 €
Surfcamp Authentique 5 X 2H00 per day 5 days 630,00 €

(*effective course time, allow 2 hours, preparation time, access to the spot, return…)


Additional information :

-We provide the necessary gear for the lesson (soft board and wetsuit, either steamers or spring suits).

-Groups are composed of maximum 8 students, and are organised on the basis of age, surfing skills, family&friends and trying to best satisfy your goals.

-The coaching technique will vary according to each student’s skill set and desired achievements.

-All our coaches are official surf instructors of the French National Surf Federation and detain a lifeguard and first-aid certificate.

-The school’s license issued by the « Fédération Française de Surf » covers every student in a lesson with a third-party liability insurance.

-If weather conditions are considered not appropriate or dangerous by the coach, for the safety of the students (e.g. thunderstorms), the class will be re-scheduled or re-reimbursed.

-The lessons and courses are given in and around Seignosse, Hossegor and Capbreton all-year round; during summer, from June till September, you can find us on the left of ‘The Casernes Beach’ when facing the sea.

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