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When difference dissolves in water !

Authentic School of Surf is an official member of Handi Surf since 2017 and has been actively participating since 2005. This membership gives us the opportunity to welcome mentally or physically challenged people. In order to obtain this certification, we have been evaluated by the federation on the following aspects :

  • Quality process and required specifications according to the National Association Handi Surf’s standards.
  • The implementation of events and ways to promote and sensitize, in the long term, surf for challenged individuals.
  • Follow-up and supervision of the training specialization and its implementation in the technical program and within the team.
  • The plan of action is spread out onto a three year period.

The certification has three year validity. In order to renew the license, the school must undergo an evaluation process in relation to actions and steps taken towards the accessibility of surfing to mentally or physically challenged people.

Our objective :

For info :

Our staff is trained to welcome and assist people with mental or physical challenges and wish to make surfing available to everyone.

Our certification Handi Surf allows us the opportunity of adapting our lessons to each participant and take part in the development of projects for institutions and specialized centres.

So, no matter the challenge, don’t hesitate much longer. Contact us and we’ll plan out together the lessons and program.

Our school takes part in the event « Journee Handi Surf » which takes place every year in June on the beach of Seignosse Le Penon.

If the weather conditions are considered not ideal, the event is moved to the « Lac d’Hossegor » in order to guarantee the safety of the participants. In this event, surfing is replaced by Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Great atmosphere and lots of fun !