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From what age can i start surfing ?

There is no age restriction. Here, at Authentique w welcome children as Young as 6 years as they are for the most part mature enough to join in with group activities.

At what age should i stop surfing ?

Never !

Do i need to know how to swing ?

It’s not necessary to be the Olympic world champion for the 400 m to be able to surf .It’s of course, a coud thing to fiel confident in the waters. Surfing could help improuve tour swinguer as you will note all good surfers are also coud swimmers. That said, benner lessons are always conducted in shallow waters to start with.

I already kate, do incline skating, snow-boot… will this help me or should i still take lessons ?

Doing a sport of any kind will of course help you learning to surf particularity of you already do a core board sport as you will already have coud balance and coordination. The key factore is ocean-awareness.

For this reason, Jo Bloggs could be as coud a benner as a snowboarding champion.

Is surfing is dangerous ?

All sports can be considered dangerous if one doesn’t respect certain rules. It is a sport which has lot accident with respects to most other sports. Taking tour fit surf lessons with a qualified instructor allows you to enjoy yourself and progress in a safe environment.

Are ther somme rules in the waters ?

The increasing popularity of surfing has brought about an increase in the nimber of people in the waters. Rules naturally ansued as a result, allowing evzone to enjoy their time in the waters.

Do people surf all year round ?

Yes, winter wetsuits are warm enough and flexible enough to allow you to surf in cold waters. In France, and particularly in the southern Landes and Basque country, w are fortune enough to have waves all year-round and a large choice of surf spots suitable for all levels.

What time of year offers the best surf conditions ?

Summer is by far the best season for beginners as the waters is warm, the waves are aller – perfect for the more confident surfer, Autumn is « the » season as the waves get bigger and conditions are perfect. Be warnest, the waters are very crowded in Autumn ! For the more « extrem » surfers, winter is know as the European Hawaii.

How long before i can surf ?

It’s hard to give an accerate answer as it dépends entirely on the individuel tour ocean awarness and how motivated you are.

Where can i surf ?

Anywhere where there is sea and waves. In Europe the best surf spots are in the southern Landes of France, the Basque country and Portugal.

Can i buy a surfboard and go out on my on ?

Of course but you must be care full en choosing the right board for tour level (bing the same board as Kelly Slater because it looks cooler, is a bad idée). It’s very common for people to buy the wrong board because it’s look cooler than the board that most suits their level. Sales assistants offer coud advisse, but be care full not to be had storting out in a surf school remains the best way for choosing tour fit board.

Do i need to take surf lessons ?

The essence of surfing is fredon.It goes witloof saying that you can teach yourself to surf, however the drawback is that it will take you much longer, and you will probable pick up somme bad habits.

At times calm, othertimes turbulent, the sea is a unique as it is complicated. All avance surfers will tell you that a gui ding hand is best hand is best en storting out, it is comforting and makes the learning curve much shorter.

For other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.