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Our engagement :

With Authentic School of Surf, we have the great chance and immense pleasure to share with you our endless passion for the ocean and surfing. Hence, we go ‘all in’ to try and satisfy you and offer you a quality service.

In order to fulfil this quality requirement, of great importance to us, we created the Authentic School of Surf Charter.


Reception : Friendly, pleasant and welcoming atmosphere of the school hut’s front desk and facilities.

Coaching : Strengthened by the degree obtained by the FFS and our own experience, more than our job, surfing is really, our passion. We put at your disposal all our tools and knowledge necessary to create ideal situations for the learning process.

Our School is certified Ecole Française de Surf, Qualité Tourisme, and Handisurf.


Whether by yourself or in a group, regardless your age, your skill set, your condition, our pedagogy is in constant development and is adapted to every individual surfer student. Our pleasant and playful approach will allow you to benefit fully from this experience and its pleasures, joys, sensations and well being.


Ecological : Surfing is practiced in the ocean, a natural environment. One of our school’s goals is to always try to respect nature and its eco-systems. We also try to do that by sensitizing our surfer students by pointing out its beauty and fragility, which we feel should be everybody’s responsibility.

Social/ Human : Surfing has become very popular recently and the number of surfers is constantly rising. This has imposed the implementation of safety, priority and courtesy rules, in order to let everybody practice in the safest environment possible. It’s actually good for the school of life: humbleness and respect towards others.  Our conception of surfing is one of sharing, exchange, respect and fraternity. All surfers form a large community around the world where everybody is equal facing the ocean.

Let’s celebrate our differences !


You come and spend your holidays with us and we’ll share our passion with you in return. We’ve conceived the school, the ‘Cabane’, and our pedagogies to give a warm, homely feel and to maximise everybody’s comfort. Authentic School of Surf is a place of sharing, relaxing, friendship and good laughs.


Surfing is our passion, we dedicated our life to the ocean. The interest we have for this practice brings us to give our best to make you discover our secret garden and share it with you.