Surf school Seignosse (Landes), Hossegor, Capbreton.

The "Authentique"Label:


We established the « Authentique » Charter, answering French Federation of Surfing the charter we supplemented to answer our vision of our job, and your wait in term of :


Reception : friendliness, charm and comfort of the shack and the site
Education : strong of our training to FFS and our experience, more than our job,
surfing is our passion, and we give everything so that you learn in the best conditions.
Access for absolutely all publics


You are on going individual or in group, whatever is your age, your capacities, your situation,
we develop permanently our teaching skills, which we adapt to you, individually.
Our teaching skills will allow you to enjoy pleasures, joy, feelings,
beneficial effects of surfing, with a very play approach.


Environmental : surfing is played in a natural environment,
the océan, in which we are all sensitive.
To lead our activity in a every day ecologic way,
to participate at the protection of nature
and to sensitize our circle to the fragility and the beauty of nature,
is our duty in all.

Human : practice of surfing earned a strong popularity.
The number of surfers is in perpetual growth. Surfing sees itself then governed
by safety regulations to optimize the conditions of practice. It is a good school of life in society,
respect towards the others, and humility. It's in a mind of exange, respect, and brotherhood that we conceive our sports. The surfers form a big family, where we are equal facing the océan, and celebrate our differences together.


You come to share your vacation with us, we share our passion with you. We have think of our school, the shack, and of our teaching skills, so that each finds his place there, and feel good there. Authentique surf school is a place exange, sharing, relaxation, laughs and brotherhood.


Surfing is our passion, we dedicate our life to the ocean. This love which we dedicate in this discipline leads us to give the best of us even to make you bare our 'secret garden', and give you all the pleasures, beneficial effects, valours which transports the surf.

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We also stick to criteria of the charter of Frenc Surfing Federation


ecole francaise de surf

We also have the Families Label affiled to the Tourisme Office of Seignosse.





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Ecole de SURF
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